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About Shushana

Welcome to my sacred space of Shushana, your dedicated energy healer. With a passion that intertwines care, compassion, and an innate ability to create transformation, I offer a tailored, hands-on and distance healing experience that nurtures the mind, body, and soul. A seasoned practitioner of the healing arts, I understand that every individual carries a unique energy, hence every healing journey should be equally unique. My practice revolves around you, providing the utmost care and attention to ensure your well-being is elevated, rejuvenated, and balanced.

Step into my sanctuary, here, I impart a holistic and highly rejuvenating experience that is akin to a nurturing embrace, enabling profound transformations and promoting optimal wellness.

My sessions are meticulously crafted, mirroring the intricate beauty of human energy, and offering you a truly restorative retreat.

In my hands, you will not just experience healing, but a journey of self-discovery wrapped in comfort, that touches the deepest core of your being.

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Energy scanFREE

An intuitive energy scan to uncover any areas that are blocked and how this may be impacting you in areas of your life.

auric cleanse - £55.00

An intense 30 minute deep energy clearing session designed to create a clear path for healing, allowing the flow of you true source energy to come through.

ultimate revival package (women only) - £159.00

A triple touch fusion combining potent energy healing, hands on massage and facial lifting techniques to fully release any stress/stagnant energies for a full cellular revival, allowing you to relax, reconnect and rejuvenate.

Align and Ascend - £349.00

This tailor-made package is designed over 4 sessions and allows you to delve deeper into your healing journey. Each session will flow from the last creating healing momentum.

De-stress and Recharge (women only) - £55.00

A bespoke massage designed to focus on all the troubled areas around the back, neck and shoulders addressing them with care and attention to relieve stress and tension.



“Reiki has been incredible for me. I have suffered with headaches, neck and shoulder aches, aches down my spine and with migraines for ears. I had given up on anything being able to help and was resigned to having these pains all my life. But then I had a series of 3 distant Reiki sessions with Shushana and cannot believe the impact already. My aches and pains have significantly reduced - most days I have no pain - and I haven't had a migraine since the first session. This is life changing for me and has improved my overall mental health and happiness. I didn't know what to expect from a Reiki session, and had no idea how it would work from a distance, but Shushana talked me through it and helped me feel at complete ease. Shushana is a gentle soul who worked with me in such a caring and calm way. I felt supported throughout and will always be grateful to her for the amazing results. If I ever need Reiki again I will go to Shushana without any hesitation.”

- Victoria

“I received a distant healing with Shushana and I can honestly say it was one of the most powerful I'd received at a distance. I felt heat on my body throughout the session, so I could feel where she was working on me. At some point I drifted off completely and received a couple of messages. After a couple of days I really felt re-centred in myself which was exactly what I needed. And Shushana's care before, during and after was also very beautiful and loving. Highly recommend ❤️”

- Joanna

“I was trying to create some inspiring content for a webinar I was due to run. My mind was cluttered, the deadline was looming and I was spending hours and hours trying to find the words. I was looking in books for inspiration, online and drafted 3 versions, but I was unhappy with them all. After my session with Shushana I wrote the webinar in less than an hour and it was brilliant! My words, my creation, exactly what I wanted to say. I felt' it rather than thought it, and the feedback was incredible! I also felt immediately calmer, more focused and secure (confident). I am quite new to this type of healing, but I definitely plan to include it (And Shushana) in my life going forward.”

- Lorna

“The main thing I ve noticed since the session is that my physical health has improved, suddenly I stopped eating sugary foods (and I can tell you I love sugary foods) and I feel more energy to do many tasks. I feel like something was unblocked from my mind and I can do things easily”

- Nico


10 Minute Energy Scan


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